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A Most Wonderful Cab Ride

A NYC Taxi driver wrote:

I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I honked again. Since this was going to be my last ride of my shift I thought about just driving away, but instead I put the car in park and walked up to the door and knocked.. ‘Just a minute’, answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor.

After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her 90’s stood before me. She was wearing a print dress and a pillbox hat with a veil pinned on it, like somebody out of a 1940’s movie.

By her side was a small nylon suitcase. The apartment looked as if no one had lived in it for years. All the furniture was covered with sheets.

There were no clocks on the walls, no knickknacks or utensils on the counters. In the corner was a cardboard
box filled with photos and glassware.

‘Would you carry my bag out to the car?’ she said. I took the suitcase to the cab, then returned to assist the woman.

She took my arm and we walked slowly toward the curb.

She kept thanking me for my kindness. ‘It’s nothing’, I told her.. ‘I just try to treat my passengers the way I would want my mother to be treated.’

‘Oh, you’re such a good boy, she said. When we got in the cab, she gave me an address and then asked, ‘Could you drive
through downtown?’

‘It’s not the shortest way,’ I answered quickly..

‘Oh, I don’t mind,’ she said. ‘I’m in no hurry. I’m on my way to a hospice.

I looked in the rear-view mirror. Her eyes were glistening. ‘I don’t have any family left,’ she continued in a soft voice..’The doctor says I don’t have very long.’ I quietly reached over and shut off the meter.

‘What route would you like me to take?’ I asked.

For the next two hours, we drove through the city. She showed me the building where she had once worked as an elevator operator.

We drove through the neighborhood where she and her husband had lived when they were newlyweds She had me pull up in front of a furniture warehouse that had once been a ballroom where she had gone dancing as a girl.

Sometimes she’d ask me to slow in front of a particular building or corner and would sit staring into the darkness, saying nothing.

As the first hint of sun was creasing the horizon, she suddenly said, ‘I’m tired. Let’s go now’.
We drove in silence to the address she had given me. It was a low building, like a small convalescent home, with a driveway that passed under a portico.

Two orderlies came out to the cab as soon as we pulled up. They were solicitous and intent, watching her every move.
They must have been expecting her.

I opened the trunk and took the small suitcase to the door. The woman was already seated in a wheelchair.

‘How much do I owe you?’ She asked, reaching into her purse.

‘Nothing,’ I said

‘You have to make a living,’ she answered.

‘There are other passengers,’ I responded.

Almost without thinking, I bent and gave her a hug.She held onto me tightly.

‘You gave an old woman a little moment of joy,’ she said. ‘Thank you.’

I squeezed her hand, and then walked into the dim morning light.. Behind me, a door shut. It was the sound of the closing of a life..

I didn’t pick up any more passengers that shift. I drove aimlessly lost in thought. For the rest of that day, I could hardly talk.What if that woman had gotten an angry driver,or one who was impatient to end his shift? What if I had refused to take the run, or had honked once, then driven away?

On a quick review, I don’t think that I have done anything more important in my life.

We’re conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments.

But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.


Plight of the Silent

Plight of the Silent

 I am dependent. My every need God has delegated to a precious woman. She is called “mother”. She is the one that shall birth me into this remarkable place you call “world”. I am called to be a product of love. She shall be the one that shall call me by name. I know that God calls me the “Apple of His eye” and has set my purpose before the foundations of the earth. What shall she call me? She shall train me up in the way that I shall go. God must really have a deep, undaunted trust in women to give them such an awesome responsibility. For she is the one to see that I enter into this world safely.

She is so warm. Her womb encases me just as though it were her very arms wrapped around me tightly, assuring me that everything will be all right. Without being able to touch or see me she adheres to my every need. She provides protection, warmth, and nourishment to me. I love her. I have loved her from the very beginning. The beginning of my life, which was at conception. I will be able to share this love with her soon. It does bubble within me so. I will be the one that will bring joy within her that she has never known before. It will be the type of joy that will bring tears to the crevice of her eyes as she watches me sleep in the middle of the night.

It is close to the time that I will finally see her, just weeks away now. I know her voice. As I move within her, I hear her laughter. It is such a sweet sound unto my ears. She has such a beautiful, warm voice. I recognize her voice distinctly among the other sounds on the outside. We are connected not only physically but also in spirit. She shall always be a part of me and I a part of her.

She is crying. Mother, what is wrong? She has been crying for several days now. How I wish she knew that I was here for her. When no one else has listened, I was listening. I don’t quite understand why or how but I believe she is blaming me for her pain. But I have done nothing wrong. Have I? If only I could change everything, I wish I were not going to have this baby. What am I going to do? These are some of the many heart wrenching thoughts that flow from her heart onto her lips. I still don’t understand, but I am fearful because it is now my life that is being threatened. She is thinking of killing me. The very woman that has provided all these wonderful things unto me now is considering destroying the very essence of who I am. You can’t do this! Why, Mother? Everything will be all right!!! Please don’t harm me! Don’t you remember! The very thing that you are about to destroy has been marked by God.

She says that she cannot care for me. But mother, you have cared wonderfully for me. How were you able to do it this far? Where did your help come from? It was already within you. Remember. you were made to carry me within your womb. You were made internally to protect me. Please remember these things. Please I beg you, please remember! I want so much to spend my years of growing and learning with you, but allow my life to bring joy and fulfillment somewhere. You have options. Please, please — Your mother chose life for you. You are now in control. Please choose life for me.

How is it that I can hear her cries but she cannot hear the cries from within her own womb? It is not fair! Why won’t she listen to me? I shouldn’t have to feel this anger. This is to be an intimate time between child and mother, but for me, I am frightened. I feel and I am all alone. Will anyone hear my cry? The outside world has grown cold to the plight of a child. Today, I will die. Why? I ask.

The woman that I call “mother” has taken me this day to a dreadful place where they murder innocence. We together will go through such a horrifying experience that no man will be able to remove the scars. They have sedated her now. How will they do this monstrous act? I wonder. They are consoling her. Who is here to console me, I ask? There is no answer. At this time, I shall not continue to weep, for my soul shall be the Lord’s.

I feel tugging. Someone is attempting to turn me. Something cold has taken a hold of my foot and I am turned now. Now my other foot as well has been pinched and pulled by this cold object. At this time, my feet have been taken from the womb and are now on the outside of my mother’s body. I am able to kick them. How free I feel. I am happy now. Oh! She has changed her mind. I will be in her arms and she will love me. I shall live and not die. As my torso is released, I feel chilled. This place called “world” does not provide the same warmth that a maternal womb freely gives unto a child. But I can’t focus on the chill of the present, because shortly I will be embraced with the warmth of my mother. Now my arms are free! I am able to move without feeling constricted. My entire body is outside her precious womb of protection. Now my head shall come forth. I am now beginning to understand the process of what they are doing. They are delivering my head last because it encases my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It houses the very essence of who I am. This must be why they are so careful to hold it inside the birth canal until the perfect time. I am excited now! It is time. I can almost see the joy of my mother’s face as they place me in her arms.

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is happening? Everything is spinning. Something very sharp has just plunged into the back of my neck. I am going into shock. There is such chaos in my world. Why such pain? I can’t bear it!! Please make it stop!!! My heart is pounding. My legs are in full extension now. How could someone that loved so much allow this act of violence? Mother, do you share this horrific pain? Oh, how I hope that you do not. Please take this from me, for I cannot bear anymore. I am weakened and can hardly take my breath. Why would someone do this? I don’t understand!

Now an instrument has been inserted deep inside my brain. I am sorry, but I am again crying. I lay limp now. My very breath has been stolen from me. It is finished, I say, and from this what was gained, I ask? I shall not be able to speak with you again. But please speak for me. Please tell of my plight. There must not be another to follow in my footsteps. I leave it to you now. If you are a woman with life in your womb, listen to the silent cry that lies within you. You have options. Ask for help and someone will come to your side and walk with you. You are not alone. By choosing life, you shall reap life. Remember the cause. Please do not allow this to continue. If I had breath, I would fight a great fight, but now I must ask for you to stand in my place. Stand against the opposing forces and all resistance and the result will be life.